Mobile App Ticket Data Entry

The first simple and affordable mobile data entry system for any milk hauling organization. Operating on both Android or iPhone/iPad systems

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Our Hauler Top Features

Real Time Updates

Update the driver's hauled milk info anywhere + anytime.

Real time milk tracking, inventory, and truck location. Uploading and downloading of milk pickups with just a click of a button on your mobile.

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No DATA plan required!

Use the hauler mobile app even no network coverage!

Only a plant WiFi or Hot Spot is needed for basic functionality (such as upload or download of data). Upgrading to a DATA PLAN is “seamless”.

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Back-office support

A web application that can be used by your administrator that has full control and access for tickets, customers, drivers and routes.

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On-Line Support System

Our Zendesk system provides...

  • Support ticket entry, tracking of status

  • Support ticket history and review

  • A complete knowledge base and videos

  • Remote assistance on desktop and mobile platforms

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