Financial application suited for dairy business.

Producer Payrolls
Milk Laboratory Integration
Milk Hauler and Manifesting


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Our Payroll Top Features

Modern technology, platform and design.

Apply industry web standard technologies to deliver the proper result.

Available for modern platform such as laptop, tablets, phone and even TV as long you use modern browser.

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Custom Reports

Grab any data and generate the report the way you want it!

Our PIVOTS based reporting tools provide customized reports in minutes and not hours. Save any custom PIVOT template and re-use it at your will!

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Integrated Database

Your data available in the cloud to access anywhere.

Plants, Labs, FSA Offices, and Haulers,all this information at your fingertips, no manual updating required at all.

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State-of-the-art Producer Payroll System

Best in the industry, comprehensive while still easy to use.

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On-Line Support System

Our Zendesk system provides...

  • Support ticket entry, tracking of status

  • Support ticket history and review

  • A complete knowledge base and videos

  • Remote assistance on desktop and mobile platforms

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